We are Families with Internet/Gaming Issues.

Recently, gaming disorders have come to be recognized as a mental disorder requiring treatment.

We are troubled daily by the sight of our family. They cannot control their time spent using the Internet/games, even though it disrupts their daily rhythm, causes communication problems, affects their work or school work, and sometimes causes financial or physical issues.

As we have struggled with the situation, we realized that it takes time to solve internet/gaming addiction, as it is caused by a complex combination of factors.

However, that is why it is vital for families suffering from the same problems to get together and share their experiences and thoughts.

We learn how to relate appropriately with the person concerned. When the family members can vent their daily suffering and take in knowledge and ideas for improvement, it will lead to effective measures for both the person concerned and us, the family members.

Association of Families with Internet/Gaming Problem
Representative Director
Sakiko Kuroda

What We are Doing

  • Regular Meeting – The 3rd Saturday of Every Month (On-site / Online Participation Available)
  • Telephone Counseling
  • Seminars
  • Lectures / Educational Activities
  • Investigations and Research

Cooperating Organizations / Facilities